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Rules for War of the Angels RP

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Rules for War of the Angels RP

Post by Nekoma on Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:25 am

This list of rules is going to very short. Don't judge.
1. Keep content PG-13 please
2. No spamming anywhere other than the Spam Area
3. No harassing, unless part of RP
4. Be Nice and welcoming to other roleplayers. Don't be mean at all. It's OK if your character is acting like it, and the other person doesn't feel bad.
5. Have fun! bounce ! (well, duh)
6. Some mature themes are okay, just don't make them really detailed.
7. Only belong to one usergroup. Unless you are a loner, then you can join gangs.
8. I do not care how many profiles a person has on WOTA.

That's all!

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